The Latest In-Car Entertainment Developments

Thanks in no small part to the rise of electric, smart vehicles, there have been significant changes regarding the way consumers look at personal transportation. And this signals a brand-new era for in-car experiences. Moreover, as the dream of self-driving automobiles starts to become a reality, there has been an exponential growth for opportunities in entertainment and media to take the limelight.

In fact, many new car concepts reveal interiors that wouldn’t seem out of place in an interior designing magazine, closely resembling living rooms with consoles, TVs, computers that are likely capable of internet connectivity, with games’ streaming from the likes of, movies from Prime and so much more. With that said, we’ll cover some of the latest developments with in-car entertainment in this article.

  • Voice command


It’s easy to see why the practice of using voice assistants powered by the technology of artificial intelligence in automobiles have become common in this day and age. After all, the technology doesn’t only make it easier for owners to use their apps while they’re on the road. But it also keeps them safe since it allows them to focus on driving.

Everyone wants to remain connected throughout the day, whether at a desk in the office or driving home after a hard day of work. With the use of voice commands, you can answer calls, send messages, play music, and more without putting yourself at risk. And for these reasons, its popularity in vehicles continues to rise.

  • Audio

The association with driving while listening to good music goes back all the way to the fifties when the first FM radio equipment was initially installed in vehicles, leading to a significant source of profit for those in the industry of music. While people still enjoy music when on the road, the way they listen has changed considerably. Some studies have determined that other audio formats are growing in popularity over the traditional AM/FM radio. From digital streaming services to podcasts, many of the alternatives to radio have now cemented their place as the preferred options for drivers.

  • Gaming

Many car manufacturers today have begun to expand their gaming systems, following the initial offerings of Tesla, including Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command. Mercedes-Benz is one of the automotive leaders that have made their plans known to get in on in-car gaming, while the rest of the industry continues to speculate on the same possibilities in the future.

With promises of a lighting quick connectivity, the eventual availability of 5G presents automakers with the opportunity to take gaming to the next level. When self-driving automobiles start rolling out, this feature will undoubtedly be a significant factor when it comes to consumers looking to purchase a vehicle.


As technology continues to advance, the in-car experience will continue to become a focal point for car manufacturers and an important consideration for buyers. With AI technology’s perpetual evolution and the introduction of 5G connectivity, many expect to see massive improvements in voice command, audio platforms, and gaming for vehicles, among others. Needless to say, it’s becoming an exciting time, whether you’re a car enthusiast or not.


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